A Gem of a Concept

Industry publication, Selling Christmas Decorations highlights Holiday Image’s work with the Time Warner Center.

Holiday Image¬†was recruited to recreate the bow for Cartier in 2005. “The bow is an integral part of Cartier’s holiday tradition,” Matthew Schwam, CEO and president of Holiday Image Inc., explains.

The bow on the outside of the building is part of Cartier’s rich culture and tradition in The United States. Cartier representatives expressed to Schwam that what the company wanted to convey was that the decoration was its way of giving back to New York City and its millions of visitors during the holiday season.

“As a company, we are constantly challenged to provide solutions to our customers,” Schwam notes. “Our deep passion and understanding of the design and sourcing process positions Holiday Image perfectly to provide branded, unique design solutions to our customers. Sometimes reinventing an idea that is right in front of you, like the bow, is the most elegant way to create.”

Holiday Image strives to maintain and produce a level of branding or customer-sensibility in what it presents. “We try to hone in on fabrication and what materials make sense to tie into our customers’ identities,” Schwam reveals. “Sometimes our clients will have inspiration pictures for us. However, it’s our responsibility to take it farther from there. We always want to create enough value in our partnership that makes us indispensable to our customer.”

The Cartier bow is completely managed by Holiday Image…

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