Decking the Halls (and Walls): How Small Firm Transforms Stores, Malls for Holidays

Holiday Image featured in the Wall Street Journal for our work at the Time Warner Center.

Several weeks ago, after closing time at Tiffany¬†& Co.’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, a team of workers descended on the stately retailer to dress it for the holidays. From just past dusk until dawn, they worked for two nights stringing 33,900 white lights along archways and burying hundreds of blinking strobes in custom injection molded pine garland. All told, it took 14 pairs of hands, 10 ladders, and one crane to complete the job.

Across the city and country, similar scenes unfolded. A few blocks south of Tiffany on Fifth Avenue, rival jeweler Cartier is now wrapped in 14,000 linear feet of garland and proclaims “Happy Holidays” in 30 languages across its facade. At the Time Warner Center…

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